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Kinia Barber Art

I became a practising artist many years ago, while I was studying my degree in Interior Design at Elisava School in Barcelona. I attended art classes to improve my skills. I discovered my love for colors which drove me to create art and painting became my great passion.

I wanted to express my feelings in my work so that people share my own emotion for colour as well as my sorroundings and how they make me feel.


The sea and the sun are my most important sources of inspiration. I live on an island where the blueness and the immensity of the ocean fascinate me. They fill me with the urge to create paintings having many tones of blue and turquoise. I love the colors of the sunset and I never get tired of gazing at it. So because of the sea and the sun, blue and turquoise, and red and pink are my palette. I’m a very emotional person and I'm restless, and I love to experiment and discover something new.

I would say we are privileged. On the island the air is so clean and the light is bright and pure. I enjoy the silence, and this makes me look deeply inwards and this allows me to take you to many different places.


The reason why I create the art I create is very simple: all I do is what I am. I love to experiment with water, to surprise myself with the results, having ideas that the moment changes where you never know how the work is going to end up. I use lots of colors, mixing them and “listening” to them. I love creating many layers and seeing time and life flowing through color.


Choosing my medium was very easy. I like water and playing with color and so acrylic is the environment that I feel most comfortable with. I use it in combination with other materials such as paper and sand, and I play with the depth of the paint. Sometimes applying it thickly and sometimes using it as water color. Acrylic is fast drying which allows me to work nimbly and try out many different approaches. I prefer to paint on a wooden support. It is harder and withstands water and other materials better.


I love to create big paintings where I feel that there is more risk, less control. The results are always amazing. I produce smaller sketches when trying new techniques or for experiments to confirm the approach for new paintings.


For many years I have participated in many art events organized on the island. In July 2019 I held a solo exhibition in El Espacio Ses Voltes in Ciutadella Menorca.

Summer on the island is special and unique for art events. I regularly participate in the ART Nights in Mahon, Fosquets d'art in Ferreries and Migjornale in Es Migjorn Gran, among others and also in private initiatives such as the Collective Exhibition of the Hotel Rural Alcaufar Vell.

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